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Making the foundation - qizhen111 - 02-07-2018

of head live body. Making the foundation is sifted to go up at the beginning of the spot to intercepting and capture bug appearance, classics Shandong examines make a simple storage bench appraisal of lab of quarantine technology center is quarantine sex small moth of small moth of body length of column of evil living things and material. 12 month 1 day, receive examine check of expert of plant quarantine of quarantine system authority feedbacks, wpc board raw materials list the material small moth that intercept and capture thinks cocoa material small moth and small aegis capable person are young truly moth (Xyleborinus Exiguus) , these two kinds of evil living things all are intercepted and capture first for Shandong port. Pass into to prevent evil living things, examine quarantine branch house Embossing flooring design in srilanka undertakes to should approving goods harm manages dividing lawfully. it is reported, small moth of cocoa material small moth and small aegis material all belongs to small moth of division of elytrum eye,portable pools diy deck small clothing, material, the material small moth that should belong to the insect to did not distributing for our country belongs to sort. Should be being belonged to is one of pests that global forest ecosystem has dangerous