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ensuring the flat wood floor
bar. First, the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood composite wood flooring advantages of care as simple as bright, not embedded in dirt and easy to clean. Parquet surface paint handling well wear resistance, and do not have to spend too much energy to maintain. It is understood that the good parquet market in the market
within 3 years without waxing, but also to maintain its shiny finish it. In addition, due to the parquet substrate using a multi-layer veneer made of wood fibers criss-cross into a network of overlapping laminated wood so that a variety of internal stress between the laminates to adapt to each other, thus ensuring the flat wood floor Sex and stability
and retain the aesthetics of solid wood flooring in one, both to enjoy the warmth of nature and to solve the hard wood floor maintenance problems, in fact, is to strengthen the beautiful wood flooring and solid wood flooring. In addition also has the advantages of easy installation and maintenance, parquet use more formaldehyde emission of
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