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floor for the cork
the floor to build full hardwood parquet, natural environmental protection, wear stable and easy care, to 80,90 after the young Friends, and inconvenience to clean up the middle-aged and elderly users more simple and casual home life. Multi-layer parquet is the mainstream wood flooring in the world today, accounting for more than 70% of
the world's share of solid wood floors, a wide range of applications. Ordinary multi-layer parquet, the general use of hardwood veneer, core (the middle layer) and the floor for the cork and other softwood, and Anxin multi-layer parquet will be replaced by a more stable core of hardwood species, higher cost , Process requirements are
higher. Anshun full selection of hardwood hardwood parquet full selection of hardwood bark for many years, retaining the natural wood texture, environmental protection at the same time, also has a good thermal insulation and gentle and comfortable sense of the foot, but also worth mentioning is that the Shun floor this Upgraded parquet
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