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aimed at the current
machine mode traditionally, it is forerunner with high-tech, take the route that appreciation machines, be aimed at the current situation of industry of our country lumber,pool decking contractors singapore aim at international science and technology foremost edge, when new century comes, basic outlet is in industry of our country lumber to innovate at science and technology, answer to be bibcock with product innovation, with craft core light waterproof wood plastic composite panel innovation is rely on, it is in order to make with innovation of science and technology assure, put forward to suit the our country national condition, new thinking that revitalizes lumber industry. 1. The product innovates Review the history that material machines, our for generations experienced the level of structural ability treatment, heated spiral staircase treads functional material treatment, machining stride to intelligent data at present. The United States, Japan, Germany and our country already began the early days work of this respect, there already was materiality breakthrough in the domain such as material of metal, plastic, high polymer. composite pier decking Lumber is to have the natural plant stuff with life style the oldest feature, it is nature through going up evolution evolved 100000000, bestow the mankind's most perfect material. Part of one's job of innovation of lumber industry

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