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come from mature balata
opportunity that balata forest prepares newlier, come from mature balata forest all the log of cut down should be rich. But in fact, a lot of manufacturer rush to purchase show some oak bakelite. discount exterior house cladding Accordingly, the raise on the price at least 15% , and demand exceeds supply. Trade circle personage says, although balata wood order increases, but unapt cause panic. The most possible factor is manpower resource contradiction. Malaysia government is about to carry out to foreigner force absolve policy, believe to many outside labour force leaves Malaysia, such making that oak bakelite latest news of wood composite deck makes lumber industry cause personnel to lack. The factory that make material is eager to finishing at present order, enlarge the be valid that use worker worker, make manpower resource more nervous. Does China's new building standard conduce to Canadian sawn timber be opposite China exit: how to build a wood fence on a slope Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? China's new building standard conduces to Canadian sawn timber be opposite China exit Issue date: 2003-2-6 origin: The delegate of orgnaization of commerce of a lumber says: The timberwork housing with new approval of Chinese construction department (villatic, apartment)east to install recyclable floor tile check and accept a standard ("

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