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flooring companies
continues to occupy the status of an absolute high-end floor is undoubtedly a must-have for low-key luxury decoration. It will Create the ultimate home-quality life for consumers and lead the new style of fashion life in the next few years. Recently, for many floor distributors, especially small and medium floor distributors,modern privacy fence it is a disappointing result. because they envisioned the consumption of large quantities of floor-planning consumer groups did not appear. Floor dealers all report that there is no apparent increase in the Flow of
people in the floor store, process making wood plastic compositewhich makes it appear to be deserted. 1. Antique flooring: During the long holidays, there are not many customers who come to the market for consultation and getting goods. Sales are far less than expected. Antique Flooring has become synonymous with stylish flooring since its birth. It can naturally appear ancient colors, texture, surface bumps or embossed effect, with antique features style.marine lumber plastic building material The surface of the antique floor (quotations for antique flooring, antique flooring manufacturers) is not
smooth And flat, but it is like washing after many years of years. It usually shows natural bumps and old marks, which gives a strong sense of history. It is these char Acteristics of antique flooring, making many floor businesses use it as a main product during holidays to carry out promotional activities in hopes of attracting this group of consumers who running personality and self-style after 80s. However, according to dealers, during the holiday season , there were not many customers who came to the market for consultation and getting

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