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bottom of discharge
Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Domestic man-made board the stress that treatment facilities studies to develop Issue date: 2003-1-9 origin: faux subway tile board Zhang Qi of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering is born to be written recently civil point out, at present wife makes the state board the difference with the integral level that machines equipment and developed country bigger than still having look, special expression is mixed in level of the treatment precision of mechanical and electrical products, automation the quality in process of production of plastic raised flooring philippines man-made board product detects automatically, show and command technical respect. Producing the field such as development of equipment, processing technique, new product, great majority still stays on the level of abroad of follow the lead of, the proper motion design, ability that develops development is inferior, product application range is narrow. I man-made board basically returns the country is with indoor prices for in singapore deck decorate, furniture is main use, and the dosage that the structure uses man-made board to go up in the building is too little still. Zhang Qi is unripe point out, industry of lumber of 21 centuries our country should make full use of

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