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Since the country
open strategy side the edge to upgrade. Since the country carries out a day to maintain a project, lumber of entrance of peony river city is measured from beginning to Tongue And Groove Profile For Decks end with year the speed of 1 million stere increases by degrees, will achieve 3 million stere this year, occupy the whole nation to import Russia lumber gross 1/3 above. Europe allusion floor: Sweep chromatic storm : ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Europe allusion floor: Sweep " chromatic storm " Issue date: 2002-7-26 origin: Afterwards rolls out board of Europe allusion boat aggrandizement composite deck prices canada successfully after compound floor, europe law business develops development to give chromatic aggrandizement floor board jointly jointly with German manufacturer, the occurrence that this kind of color floor that appears on the market with synchronism of Europe, United States Engineered Deck Panels Versus Marine Grade Plywood is in China, got used to consumer to beg beg newly change, pursuit is fashionable, the demand of make public individual character, abounded consumer ground to decorate the choice limits of select material, add flowery color for beautification bedroom. Science considers to make clear, colour has apparent stimulative effect to the feature wall landscape ideas development of cell of human body

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