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forest natural resources
collaboration, forest natural resources that blends in the whole world. The country that the forestry on the world develops passes practice of a few years, accumulated rich experience, porch flooring material for outside use chinese forestry wants implementation to span type develops, among them a very important step should expand further namely open to the outside world, strengthen the communication between international and cooperation, learn advanced experience of the foreign country, coping ideas for above ground pool decks exploration gives the way that a forestry that fits our country national condition can develop continuously. Project of forestry of loan of executive world travel, promoted our country greatly not only fast the progress that lays high yield forest, and effectively promoted science and technology to start Lin Helin line of business of level of management rise. "Forestry lasts project " carry out,cost of wpc decking compared to cedar will be 6 big forestry project of our country and forestry how to will continue to use foreign capital to use world travel loan to offer especially henceforth draw lessons from. This project is alive travel, whole of ball condition fund and European Union support energetically below,veranda composite deck material reviews be together loan fund and union of capital giving a money, complement each other, formed to join each other, content the project with rich, whole system, continue to use foreign capital for our country forestry, provided the stage of a very good exploration and practice. Zhu Lieke asks to take effective measures, the demonstrative project with project high

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