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the house
Timber is available in an extensive, tested and certified product range: from boards and planks to roof battens, squared and solid structural timber. EGGER Timber is produced in the Grill Pad Composite Deck South Africa product groups ��fresh��, ��technically dried�� and ��planed��, by quality and size according to customer specific requirements. Diagonal cuts are possible with the help of a flexible separation saw.
Visually and machine graded according to optical How Much Does Composite Patio Cost requirements or hardness, it complies with the highest demands. Through strict external and internal controls, consistent high quality of the product is guaranteed.roof battens made of spruce timber are technically dried, machine-sorted and graded visually. Every roof batten has the CE marking and the front side marked in red �C clear signs for verified building products that are immediately recognisable and guarantee 2x2 ceramic floor tile for price the highest quality.

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