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the renovation package
The surface-paved steel plate has very good corrosion resistance, even if it is exposed to the atmospheric environment for a long time, it will not change, its special color and texture can be melted plastic decking china into other stone materials, and it is perfectly combined with stone and has a very beautiful ground. Paving effect. It can be folded and twisted according to some topography and surrounding structures with steel plates to create special shapes, support for climbing plants, or rest seats for visitors. It can be used as a landscape structure.
Steel plate is an important component of the weathering board. Its structural characteristics have a certain load capacity. It not only can solve some structural problems, but also can effectively reduce labor costs and balcony decking singapore condo shorten the construction period. More importantly, it plays in building decoration. The effect is very good, so the application in the decoration is also more extensive, can be used as the park's gallery, building exterior, landscape bridge, etc., perfect, harmonious with the natural environment, and even can create a beautiful landscape.
Side wall and retaining wall can also be used as a side wall baffle plate, use outside step railing designs the planting pool, a very simple and scientific geometric modeling, the perfect sense of volume and weight, even in the passage of time, will also be The plants have an extraordinary artistic charm. The landscape sculpture steel plate can be plastic and naturally corrosive. Its rust-red color gives people a rust-like feeling. If it is used to make landscape sculptures, then it is more appropriate. It also has what is the weight of 2x6 lumber the adaptability of appearance and climate. Environmental protection, and full of art.

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