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composite silicate plate
The structure of the composite silicate plate consists of the bottom layer which is the moisture-proof layer. When it is composed of polyether material, it can well isolate the moisture and moisture cheap indoor paneling for walls from the ground, so that the floor will not be affected by the moisture on the ground. The base layer is the main part of it. Because the structure is fine and uniform, and the particles are evenly distributed, most of the floors use MDF as the substrate. Decorative layer This is to print a specific 2 x 4 composite wood pattern on the board, so that its appearance can be a beautiful and durable decorative layer, but also has the advantage of anti-ultraviolet.
The wear-resistant layer is the last layer of the floor. It is an anti-wear agent consisting of a layer of the floor and then made of aluminum oxide. This will not cover the pattern and color on the decorative layer, but also allow the floor. It has a good wear-resisting effect. Generally, the larger the content and the film degree, the higher the number of revolutions of the floor, and of course solid composite deck post the more wear-resistant.

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