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The main points of ceiling decoration
Properly open a sunroof When building a sun room, we can leave an active skylight on the roof. If there are conditions, if the sun room is bigger, you can open the windows all around. In the build a surround pool deck for 24 round pool hot weather, we can ventilate through the skylights and radiate the enthusiasm to the outside, effectively reducing the indoor temperature. Sun room insulation method 5. Use low-emission coated glass to build a sun room. We can choose a building material with thermal insulation effect, so that there is no need to do insulation.
For example, the low-emission coated glass is used. This glass is coated with a film, which can reflect the sunlight well blck composite livestock fencing and ensure the indoor light while having a good heat insulation effect. Sun room insulation method The electric shading system can be installed with electric type sunshade. The electric shading system can be well insulated to avoid direct sunlight and reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioner. The design is rich in design, while meeting the requirements of shading and decoration, giving you a timber deck designs comfortable and convenient life.

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